Jul 19
  • Uganda


With quad biking all done, it was onto our next excursion for the day;Tubing.We went down to Nile River camp,a super cool place I knew nothing about before now that’s had me making a mental note to check out later for future reference, to catch the boat to the tubing starting point.

Tubing the Nile offers a variety of water activities including flat/lazy tubing,extreme tubing,white water rafting,quad biking,horse back riding and a mvule boat cruise type situation.In our case we settled for the lazy tubing.Being a large group we had our prices discounted to 20$ per person for adults and 15$ for the kids.

Our guide Emmanuel was incredibly knowledgeable about anything and everything Nile related.Before this I’d never seen the Bujagali caves which serve as prayer shrines to many in these parts. Initially there were two but with the building of the dam, the lower one was submerged completely. He also pointed out what used to be white water rapids,you can still see the most incredible rippling going on all of which ceased with the dam.Emmanuel reckons that at the rate at which we are going there won’t be any rapids for our grand kids to see. That would be a shame! You can tell this is a man who absolutely loves his job and home.I admire that.

I’ve done some activities in my time but this right here is it for me.the water is so therapeutic to watch and feel slapping your wet bottom! We timed it just right with a very beautiful sunset.The best bit, the whole reason I got up that morning was drinking my Nile on the Nile. My soul and general self truly needed and enjoyed every moment on that river.The whole thing took about an hour and a half.we were done just before the sun went down completely.The sunset views at River camp are something else.Thank you Adam for all your help organizing all the fun we had this past weekend.If you haven’t done tubing....please do. Your butt and general self will thank you.