Anne and I in need of a good coffee fix and catchup session decided to try Wild Coffee bar on 7th street industrial area.If you’re the Internet enough you’re bound to see the alluring black ads that are the Wild Coffee brand.They really are aesthetically pleasing to look out. We met up in the late afternoon.this was my first time here. It’s a nicely put together space with a decent sized lounge,large tree trunk counter in front of a well stocked bar and a kitchen to the right.the first thing that caught my attention was the tea mugs,those old school tin things from our childhood that were loud as hell should you happen to drop one. I always did! So nostalgic.

Wild coffee offers coffee,breakfast,lunch,snacks,flat breads,cocktails and the mighty Rolex of course (they’ve got a grasshopper one if your feeling adventurous). They also sell coffee bags.the bar was also participating in The pear guides’s Baileys treat stop promotion that took place all of June.

I opted for the Jungle chill;Baileys,espresso with whipped cream and chocolate sauce while Anne had a latte and cookie sandwich.i enjoyed my drink so much I opted for a cappuccino which our lovely server for the day Farouk was kind enough to let me have in one of the mugs.Joy!

The coffee is good and strong(I was up shuffling feet well into the night),the baileys treat chocolatey boozy goodness.the sandwich cookie was a little stale and hard to eat though.

I’d like to go back and try the food, I’ve always been partial to a flat bread. It was a pleasant afternoon when all was said and done. I’ll definitely be doing Wild again.