Jul 19
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I don’t like buffets.They are  my least favorite way to eat.Sure it’s convenient,saves time and no African function is complete without one but I’ve found buffets encourage down right excessive indulgence that leaves me feeling very Jabba the Hutt like.I’m also incredibly intimidated by copious amounts of food to a point of anxiety.That being said,when I saw the flyer for Yamasen’s sushi buffet I was totally here for it.I love sushi and the promise of unlimited drinks all at 180,000ugx  for adults and 100,000ugx for kids didn’t  hurt either.

This past Sunday,Ed and I made our way to Muyenga at about 2pm after enduring the worlds slowest Uber ride (if I didn’t know any better I would have sworn he was walking us there Fred Flinstone style).The Premises housing Yamasen,Endiro,Farm to Table and Ajuna are beautiful. I’d been to Yamasen once before on a sake date. Good times. We were shown to our table and a menu with the days food and drinks given to us.After our welcome drinks came;a vodka,gin and rosemary infusion,it was on like Donkey Kong! Welcome drinks give me life.I mean you just know your visit or stay at a hotel is going off to a good start.

The buffet spread was impressive.Sushi galore on the left near the bar,tempura and hand rolled sushi to the  right and bbq sticks on the grill outside.Clearly a divide and conquer strategy was in order at this rate.Octopus,Chicken,prawns,roast beef,Tuna,salmon,King fish,mussels......Joy! Seafood is a favorite especially tuna and octopus which reminds me of Zanzibar.It was all so good.The chicken sushi,a first for me was levels of soft and moist (hehehe moist!) I hadn’t encountered before and the mushrooms,yum just yum! After a good amount of sushi, the spicy tuna roll being a fave,I tried some zucchini,sweet potato and Nile perch tempura along with some octopus ball type things. It was good, the batter very light .The demonstration of the hand rolled sushi was pretty great. I’d love to learn how to make it.The bbq pork came with an out of this world simple looking onion based steak sauce. Wish I’d gotten that recipe.

Ed enjoyed his beer cocktails while i became one with my Rose. A saxophonist was supposed to be serenading us but he wasn’t a hit with some of the guests so that got 86’d. Shame I would have enjoyed that.For dessert,a miracle I still had room,I had the Houjicha (green tea) pana cotta while Ed had the creme caramel. Some ice cream followed at some point.I had  some roasted green tea which did help my digestion quite a bit.Ed had the herbal tea. FYI Yamasen’s herbal tea is where it’s at!

You should have seen our bellies by the time we called  it quits,I had to walk it off in the garden as a food coma was imminent.With the buffet ending at 5pm. We were beyond happy,stuffed,satisfied and kilos heavier. I would have kicked myself had I missed this.It was such a great time with excellent food.Yamasen will definitely be seeing a lot more of me after this.